Can You Pass the Test?

Find your way out of a massive corn maze in Carlton, MN

Nothing says fall like a corn maze. If you're ready to celebrate the season, there's no better way than by visiting Ru-Ridge Corn Maze. Our local maze in Carlton, Minnesota spreads over eight acres. That makes it the largest maze in north central Minnesota. You can get in on all the fun just by paying for general admission. Work as a team or on your own. There's even a scavenger hunt you can participate in.

Make the most of the fall-experience the mystery and thrill of Ru-Ridge Corn Maze in Carlton, Minnesota.

Join in our special Friday events

So, you've found your way out of the maze in daylight, but can you escape after dark? Our local maze gets a spooky twist every Friday night. You can try your luck in the dark during Flashlight Fridays. You'll pay regular general admission to explore our corn maze in the dark. You can try a new challenge and maybe even see something spooky-whatever happens, we're sure you'll have a great time.

Learn more about Flashlight Fridays now by calling 218-590-5855.